Reporting back: Shopper Experience Research

East End Food Co-op Survey Invitation

Thanks to over 300 members and shoppers for completing the East End Food Co-op Shopper Experience Survey! The EEFC worked with Chris Diplock of Collective Research Group to gain insights into the preferences and opinions of our shoppers.

We’re pleased to see that the Co-op is doing well in most of our service and product categories. We also have some valuable new information to help us improve communication and engagement with our members.

This research summary outlines some of the study’s key findings and includes notes on how the EEFC intends to or is already responding to this feedback. The public version of the full research report can be accessed here.

All Shoppers Welcome

The East End Food Co-op is located at 1034 Commercial Drive, between Parker & Napier Street in Vancouver, BC

Store Hours: 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week


Welcome to the East End Food Co-operative: We specialize in meeting our community’s demand for products that promote a socially just and ecologically sound food system, which includes local, fair trade, and organic products. We are proud that all EEFC staff members are fully unionized. As a member-driven store, we are part of a growing movement for communities to define their own food systems. All shoppers are welcome.

Founded in 1975, the Co-op was initially a volunteer-run buying club in a warehouse location, at a time when it was difficult to get natural foods, particularly in bulk.

Members of the Co-op own the store. They may serve on the Board of Directors and committees. They attend member meetings, give direction to the Co-op, and – of course! – shop at the store.


The East End Food Co-op held our Annual General Meeting on Thurs, October 24, 2013. Welcome to our new Board of Directors!



1034 Commercial Drive. Open 9am – 9pm, daily.

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