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East End Food Co-op reusable cloth bags are sold at the register for $2.75 with ALL over cost profits donated to local and international community partners. Recent donations went to organizations including the Kettle Friendship Society; the Stone Soup Film Festival; Ayuda a los Ninos; and others.
Not only are you getting a great reusable cloth bag for your shopping needs… with the Co-op, you’re making a difference!

The East End Food Co-op is pleased to announce a new “Community Partner” Membership!

At the Nov 21 2011 Special General Meeting, members were pleased to created a new “Community Partner” membership type. This membership is now available for registered Charities, Non-profit Societies, and Co-operatives for a 10% discount on purchases- please ask the Manager for an application in the store. This is the Co-op’s way to “give a little back” to the organizations that do so much to enrich our community:  Thank-you!


1. The organization must have a current registration through the BC Society Act, the Canada Revenue Agency, or the BC Cooperative Association.

2. To receive a Community Partner discount on purchases, individuals representing the Community Partner member must purchase on behalf of the organization.

3. Payment may be made via a cheque, credit card, or debit card held in the name of the Community Partner organization.

4. The minimum purchase for Community Partners should be $50.00, to promote bulk purchases.

5. Community Partner discounts may not be combined with other offers.

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