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Co-op AGM: Members heard about progress in 2015

At our Co-op’s recent Annual General Meeting (AGM), members heard reports on the Co-op’s progress over the past year, elected directors to the Board, and worked together to brainstorm around the Co-op’s mission and vision.

In the Board Report, Co-op President Graham Anderson said that 2015 had been a positive year for the Co-op. Accomplishments included the creation of a strategic plan for the Co-op, the development of an updated purchasing policy, and the production of a new logo and graphic materials to promote the Co-op.

General Manager Gus Abato noted in the General Manager’s Report that progress had been made on the goals of increasing the marketing and visibility of the Co-op, bringing profit margins up, and controlling expenses. He mentioned that store clerk Norman Hill had begun a new, part time marketing position to promote the Co-op and its member engagement. Gus also said that changes to the store layout and shelving had increased grocery capacity and resulted in a more attractive storefront with fruits and vegetables more prominently displayed in the front window area.

The Marketing Committee report included the introduction of the new logo and design materials, while the Personnel Committee report highlights included the renewal of the General Manager’s contract for a term of four years.

New directors were elected, including Anna Vinelli (staff representative), Clay Braziller, and Guillaume Colley. Directors Marie Dickens & Dragana Panic were re-appointed. Continuing in their terms on the board are President Graham Anderson, Vice-President Bill Bargeman, and director Skye Lowry.

After a brief break for refreshments, members, directors, and staff got together in groups and brainstormed around three points related to the Co-op’s mission and vision: what the Co-op brings to the community, why it’s unique and special, and a vision for the future of the Co-op.

If you’d like a copy of any of the Annual General Meeting reports, please contact Norman at


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